CIR reports provide insight into the emerging opportunities in short-reach optical communications. Covering products, pricing, standards, new technologies and more, our reports are intended as an essential guide to input into marketing and business strategies.


Aug 25, 2013

Revenue Opportunities for Optical Interconnects: Market and Technology Forecast – 2013-2020-Vol. I

In addition, to showing how the markets for OICs will evolve, this report looks at the daunting challenges facing optical interconnection; primarily providing cost-effective optical technology in markets that are used to paying only minimal amounts for metal connectivity. Also included in the report is an analysis of the evolution of OIC technology including the role of AOCs in the optical interconnect space and the eventual shift to waveguide backplanes and other advanced optical technologies. In its granular eight-year forecasts, this report also quantifies how much those opportunities will be worth.

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Mar 28, 2013

Active Optical Cabling Markets: 2013 and Beyond

The goal of this report is to show how the AOC market will be able to achieve such successes and the economic and technological trends that are making it possible. The report is primarily focused on business strategy, analyzing each of the sectors in which AOCs are likely to find a market and identifying the main addressable markets. This report also takes a look at important marketing issues faced by AOC, such as the importance of branding.  The extensive supplier profiles in this report discuss the products that these firms are (or will soon) offer and include in-depth analysis of the strategies being deployed by major AOC firms including some of newer firms that have entered the market.

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