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Oct 20, 2015

Active Optical Cable Markets 2015: Volume One:  Data Center and High-Performance Computing Markets

This past year has been a good one for Active Optical Cables (AOCs) as data centers and HPC facilities upgrade to 100G and high-speed IB connectivity.  We are also seeing the number of all-optical data centers creep up, with AOCs providing a useful path to the all-optical environment. Meanwhile Ethernet AOCs continue to be the "next big thing" and core router manufacturers have gradually begun to adopt AOCs as convenient tools of the trade.

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Jan 01, 2015

Markets for On-Chip and Chip-to-Chip Optical Interconnects - 2015 to 2024

The so-called “interconnect bottleneck is creating opportunities for optical device and cable makers or all kinds. Process scaling, power consumption and operating frequency have all need to move away from metal interconnects and into the optical realm.  This need is increasing with each new node; in high performance processors with metal tracks, clock distribution alone can use up to 50% of total chip power.

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Jul 01, 2014

Optical Data Center Markets:  Volume I –  Optical Opportunities Inside the Data Center

Traffic from data centers are now a major driving force behind the Internet; even the smallest of businesses now rely on data centers for revenue generation. And the largest data centers today are orders of magnitude larger than the supercomputing centers of a few years ago.  Until quite recently, for most data center managers, optical data centers were nice to dream about, but not really essential.  Perhaps they needed an optical link or two, at most.  Today, the all-optical data center – perhaps even an all-SMF data center -- is something that even managers of medium-sized data centers should be considering.

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Jun 02, 2014

Active Optical Cable Markets and Opportunities:  2014 to 2022:  Volume I – Data Center Applications

CIR has been providing market coverage of Active Optical Cables (AOCs) for six years, as this market has continued to grow and attract new entrants, including some of the world’s biggest suppliers of cabling and telecom components.  Our annual report on AOC market opportunities is now widely regarded as the most authoritative market forecast and technology assessment in the AOC space and is read by business development and marketing executives in cabling, component and equipment firms throughout the world.

This year, CIR has decided to split our report into two volumes.  In this volume we analyze and forecast the opportunities for AOCs in their traditional data center and HPC markets, which is where AOCs began life as “InfiniBand extenders,” but now embrace all the other major local area networking protocols.  In Volume II, we analyze AOC opportunities in markets where AOC insiders believe they will generate significant revenues over the next decade:  personal computing, consumer electronics and digital signage.

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