Active Optical Cable Markets 2015: Volume One:  Data Center and High-Performance Computing Markets


Available in September 2015

This past year has been a good one for Active Optical Cables (AOCs) as data centers and HPC facilities upgrade to 100G and high-speed IB connectivity.  We are also seeing the number of all-optical data centers creep up, with AOCs providing a useful path to the all-optical environment. Meanwhile Ethernet AOCs continue to be the "next big thing" and core router manufacturers have gradually begun to adopt AOCs as convenient tools of the trade.
CIR’s annual report on active optical cable (AOC) market opportunities is the most widely regarded and authoritative market forecast and technology assessment covering AOCs in data centers and the high-performance computing (HPC) space:
• Our AOC report has been the reliable source for business development and marketing executives in cabling, component and equipment firms throughout the world for almost eight years

• It is strongly focus focused on business strategy, analyzing the sectors of corporate networking in which AOCs are likely to find a market and identifying the main opportunities markets 

• The report examines the most important marketing issues faced in the AOC market, such as the importance of branding

• This 2015 edition of our AOC report provides our most granular forecast ever, with breakouts by protocols, MSAs, types of connector, reach, cable length, type of cable and wavelength.  All of our forecasts are presented in both volume and value terms 

• The report also contains strategic assessments of all major manufacturers.  It provides an assessment of the product/market strategies of more than 30 key AOC manufacturers including Chinese suppliers and other new entrants

This report is Volume One of a two-report set.  Volume Two – which examines revenue generation by AOCs in emerging addressable markets such as consumer electronics, personal computing and digital signage – will also be published soon.

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Volume One of CIR’s 2015 AOC report will be available in September 2015.  Until the report is published, we offer customers the following:

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Table of Contents


Executive Summary
E.1 Changes and Trends since CIR’s 2014 Reports
E.2 China Now in the AOC Mainstream
E.3 Technological Innovation in AOCs:  Competing with China While Winning Data Centers
E.3.1 New Product Trends for AOCs
E.3.2 The Future of Conventional AOC Products
E.4 Branding, Technology and the Commoditization Factor
E.5 Summary of Market Forecasts

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background to this report
1.2 Objectives of this Report
1.3 Scope of this Report
1.4 Methodology for this Report
1.5 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: Changing Data Center Requirements for AOCs
2.1 Five Factors Shaping Demand for AOCs
2.1.1 IoT, Big Data and Clouds:  Impact on the Demand for AOCs
2.1.2 HPC becomes the Norm:  What it Means for AOCs
2.1.3 Architecture Changes:  Top-of-the-Rack Switches, Storage Networks and Beyond
2.1.4 The Rise and Rise of Ethernet AOCs
2.1.5 AOCs and the Future of IB:  The Same Old Story?
2.2 Data Rate Changes
2.2.1 The Continuing Role for AOCs in a 10G/Copper Environment
2.2.2 Will 40 Gbps AOCs soon become a Commodity
2.2.3 100 Gbps AOCs:  A Sweet Spot
2.2.4 400 Gbps AOCs:  What’s Next or Bad Joke?
2.3 AOCs in the All-Optical Data Center
2.4 Active Optical Cabling in the Campus and Telecom Environment
2.5 Coda I: Current and Future Role of Active Copper Cabling
2.6 Coda II:  AOCs from the Perspective of Silicon Photonics and Photonics Integration
2.7 Summary of Key Points Made in this Chapter

Chapter Three: Firms to Watch in the AOC Business: Strategic Analyses
3.1 10GTEK
3.2 3M
3.3 Accelink
3.4 Amphenol
3.5 Avago
3.6 Centera Photonics
3.7 ConnPro
3.8 Corning
3.9 Eoptolink
3.10 FCI Electronics
3.11 Fiberon Technologies
3.12 Finisar
3.13 Fujikura
3.14 Fujitsu
3.15 GigaLight Technology
3.16 Hitachi Cable
3.17 InnoLight
3.18 Mellanox
3.19 Molex
3.20 Multilane
3.21 Samtec
3.22 Siemon
3.23 Sopto
3.24 Sumitomo
3.25 TE Connectivity

Chapter Four: Ten-Year Worldwide Market Forecasts of AOCs
4.1 How big is the AOC Market Today?
4.2 Future Scenarios
4.2.1 The Most Likely Scenario for AOC Markets in the Next Decade
4.2.2 Other Plausible Scenarios
4.2.3 Network Topology Considerations
4.3 Building the CIR Forecast Model
4.3.1 Sources of Data
4.3.2 Pricing Assumptions
4.3.3 AOC Deployment/Penetration Assumptions
4.4 Ten-Year Forecasts of AOCs
4.4.1 Forecast by Type of Network:  Campus, Data Center/CO, Rack and Military
4.4.2 Forecast by Cable Length and Reach
4.4.3 Forecast by Protocol Environment: IB, Ethernet, FC and Other
4.4.4 Forecast by MSA Used
4.4.5 Forecast of AOCs by Media Type and Wavelength
4.4.6 Forecast by AOC Product Configurations:  Breakout AOCs, Half AOCs, etc.
4.4.7 Forecast by Size of Data Center
4.4.8 Forecast by End-User Geography

Acronyms Used in Report
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