Active Optical Cables: Market Forecasts: 2020 To 2024

This report provides a new assessment of the market opportunities for Active Optical Cables. Not only does the report examine the role of AOCs in a world of hyperscale data centers and 400G transmission, but it also examines whether video/consumer AOCs can expand beyond niche markets such as video extenders for bars and restaurants.  This is the only analyst report that looks at the market for AOCs in specialized environments such as the military, telecommunications and supercomputing.

The report discusses AOC applications in data centers and the computer industry (Ethernet, InfiniBand, PCIe and storage networks), along with digital signage; professional video, etc. (USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt). It also profiles leading branded AOC products including AOCs from 10Gtek, Hisense, InnoLight, Mellanox, Cisco, Intel, II-VI (Finisar), Amphenol, Fujitsu, Broadcom, Cosemi, Melanox, Cisco, Intel, Molex, Samtec and Siemon. 

The report also provides coverage of the role of OEMs, retailers, distributors, and third-party (compatible) suppliers in the AOC supply chain.  And, CIR has included an analysis of factors influencing AOC supply chains around the globe including in North America, Europe, Japan, and China.

The textual analysis in this report is shipped with a spreadsheet containing CIR’s five-year forecasts in volume and value terms.  These forecasts include breakouts by cable length, data rate, MSA, type of fiber, etc. for data centers, computer industry applications and video/consumer applications.

Chapter One: Introduction and Background to Report
1.1 AOC Markets: The Story So Far
1.1.1 Methodology of this Report
1.2 Active Optical Cables: The Value Proposition
1.3 The Coming Data Rate and Supply Chain Crisis: Thoughts on Co-packaged Optcs and Chinese Suppliers
1.3.1 The Slow March to Co-packaged Optics
1.3.2 The China Syndrome: The Future of China in the AOC Sector
1.4 Desperately Seeking Competitive Advantage
1.5 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Two: AOC Technology Innovations
2.1 Competitive Products for AOCs: DACs and Transceiver Pairs
2.1.1 AOCs versus Transceivers
2.1.2 AOCs versus DACs
2.2 Significant Future Technical Trends in AOCs
2.2.1 AOCs and the 25G “Revolution”
2.2.2 200G and 400G Transceivers
2.3 AOCs, On-board Optics and Co-Packaged Optics
2.3.1 On-board Optics
2.3.2 Co-packaged Optics
2.3.3 How Do AOCs Survive Beyond Pluggables
2.3 Data and the Single-mode AOCs
2.4 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Three: AOCs in the Data Center
3.1 Markets for AOCs in the Data Center
3.2 InfiniBand Usage
3.2 AOCs in the Ethernet Environment
3.2.1 The Fate of 1G, 10G and 40G AOCs
3.2.2 Transition to 100 G AOCs in the Data Center
3.2.3 How do 25G AOCs fit in to the Data Center Market
3.3 The Future of 200/400 AOCs in the Data Center
3.3.1 400G DACs and AOCs
3.4 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Four: Other Applications for AOCs
4.1 AOCs Outside of the Data Center
4.2 Markets and Drivers for Video AOCs
4.2.1 Non-Data Center AOC Supply Chain
4.3 Video AOCs: Bars, Restaurants
4.4 Video: Digital Signage and AOCs
4.4.1 Digital Signage Networks and the Role of AOCs
4.5 Optical Extenders for the Home
4.6 Professional Video
4.7 AOCs for Military and Industrial Applications
4.8 Thoughts on AOCs in the Public Network Environment and Longer Haul Applications
4.8.1 Switching Centers and Headends
4.8.2 Using AOCs for Longer Haul Applications
4.9 AOCs and Computing
4.9.1 External Computer Connections Using AOCs
4.9.2 Internal PC Connections Using AOCs
4.10 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Five: AOCs: Evolving Supply Chains
5.1 Existing Supply Chain for AOCs
5.2 Manufacturing: It All Begins in China
5.2.1 The Chinese Domestic Market
5.2.2 10Gtek
5.2.3 Gigalight
5.2.4 Hisense Broadband
5.2.5 InnoLight Technology
5.3 Role of the OEMs in Distribution of AOCs
5.3.1 Mellanox
5.3.2 Cisco
5.3.3 Intel
5.4 US and Japanese Branded Suppliers of AOCs
5.4.1 II VI
5.4.2 Amphenol ICC
5.4.3 Fujitsu
5.4.4 Foxconn Interconnect Technology/Cosemi
5.4.5 Molex
5.4.6 Samtec
5.4.7 Siemon
5.5 Wholesalers and Distributors
5.6 Third-part Transceiver Firms
5.7 Retailers including Online Stores
5.8 Sources of AOCs for Data Centers by Size of Data Centers
5.9 Regional Markets and Supply Chains
5.9.1 Non-China APAC
5.9.2 Europe
5.9.3 Middle East
5.10 Key Points from this Chapter

S.1 Data Centers
S.1.1 Interconnect Requirements
S.1.2 AOC penetration of market
S.1.3 Breakout by cable length
S.1.4 Breakout by MSA/data rate
S.1.5 Breakout by type of fiber
S.1.6 Breakout by geography
S.2 Computer Industry Applications
S.2.1 Interconnect Requirements
S.2.2 AOC penetration of market
S.2.3 Breakout by cable length
S.2.4 Breakout by MSA/data rate
S.2.5 Breakout by type of fiber
S.2.6 Breakout by geography
S.3 Consumer and Video
S.3.1 Interconnect Requirements
S.3.2 AOC penetration of market
S.3.3 Breakout by cable length
S.3.4 Breakout by MSA/data rate
S.3.5 Breakout by type of fiber
S.3.6 Breakout by geography

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