Active Optical Cabling: A Technology Assessment and Market Forecast


Table of Contents

Executive Summary
E.1 Factors Driving Optical Interconnection
E.1.1 The Next Five Years
E.1.2 The Next Ten Years
E.1.3 and Beyond
E.2 Key Challenges for the Optical Interconnect Market
E.3 Technology/Product Trends and Opportunities
E.3.1 AOCs and OICs
E.3.2 At Long Last Optical Integration?
E.3.3 Laser Makers: Optical Integration and the Semiconductor Laser Roadmap
E.3.4 OIC Cable and Connector Opportunities: Are there Any?
E.4 Optical Interconnect Product Strategies: One Size Does Not Fit All
E.3 Firms to Watch
E.3.1 Analysis of OIC Strategies of Mainstream Optical Module Firms
E.3.2 Start-Up Opportunities in the OIC Space
E.4 Summary of Forecasts
Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background to this Report
1.2 Objectives of this Report
1.3 Scope of this Report
1.4 Methodology and Information Sources for this Report
1.5 Plan of this Report
Chapter Two: Current and Future Markets for Optical Interconnects
2.1 Bandwidth, Processor Speeds and the Need for Optical Interconnects
2.1.1 Will Network Traffic Overwhelm Facilities and How Optical Interconnects Can Help
2.1.2 How Server and HPC I/O Can Drive the Optical Interconnect Market
2.1.3 Petascale and Exascale Computing
2.1.4 OICs and the Rise of Clouds
2.2 Equipment-Level Opportunities for OICs
2.2.2 OIC Needs for Rack-based Systems
2.2.3 OICs in the Server Cluster
2.2.4 OICs in SANs
2.2.5 VSR Telecom and Optical Interconnection
2.2.6 Increasing Role of Optical Interconnection for Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
2.3 Board-level Opportunities for Optical Interconnects(
2.3.1 On-board and Board-to-board Communications(: The OIC Opportunity
2.3.2 Board-to-Board Cable Assemblies
2.3.3 Motherboards and Daughter Boards(
2.3.4 Backplanes
2.4 OICs and Fiber-to-the Desk
2.5 Overview of Future Directions and Opportunities for (OICs
2.5.1 Chip-to-Chip
2.5.2 Multi-core Processors
2.5.3 Optical Transceivers
2.6 Key Points from this Chapter
Chapter Three: Optical Interconnect Products and Technology Roadmaps
3.1 High-Performance Copper Interconnects and Backplanes: End of the Road?
3.1.1 Power Consumption: Copper Killer
3.1.2 Physical Factors: Fabrication and Termination
3.1.3 Copper Cost Challenges
3.1.4 Channel Density
3.2 Optical Interconnects, MSA and Standards
3.2.1 Mature Interconnection Markets: Below 100 Gbps
3.2.2 Optical Interconnects in the 100 Gbps Environment
3.2.3 Optical Interconnects as a Terapipe
3.2.4 Optical Interconnects, Reach and VSR Standards
3.3 Enabling Technologies and Product Designs for OICs
3.3.1 Fiber Links and Flex Shuffle Backplanes
3.3.2 Active Optical Cables (AOCs)
3.3.3 Fiber Optic Engines and Fiber Backplanes
3.3.4 OICs and Space Division Multiplexing
3.3.5 POF and OICs
3.3.6 The Future: Waveguide Backplanes, WDM Interconnects and OFDM
3.4 Impact of Photonic Integration and Silicon Photonics
3.5 Optical Interconnection and Novel Laser Types: Silicon and Quantum Dot
3.6 Related Receiver and Modulator Trends
3.7 Impact of HPC Technology Initiatives
Chapter Four: Five-Year Forecasts of Optical Interconnection Markets
4.1 Forecasting Methodology
4.1.1 Data Sources
4.1.2 Networking/IT Expenditure Scenarios
4.2 Alternative Scenarios(
4.3 Eight-Year Forecast of Rack-based Optical Interconnection by Product Type
4.3.1 Breakout by Type of Location
4.3.1 Breakout by Reach
4.3.2 Breakout by Technology
4.4 Eight-Year Forecast of Board-based Optical Interconnection by Product Type
4.3.1 Breakout by Type of Location
4.3.2 Breakout by Reach
4.3.3 Breakout by Technology
4.5 Summary of Forecasts for Optical Interconnection
Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in this Report
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