Quantum Encryption:  Commercialization and Forecasts


This report identifies the opportunities for commercialization of quantum encryption (QE) and provides ten-year forecasts of systems shipped and the revenues that CIR expects to be generated.  We also examine the strategies of the firms – many large and some start-ups – that are currently working to turn QE into a real business. 

Although commercial QE systems have been deployed by governments and financial institutions for at about 15 years, CIR now sees prospects for a much wider use of QE, including applications in large business data centers – an application area that is growing at an extraordinary rate.  We also note that a select group of venture capitalists are also stepping up to the plate.

Readers of this report will learn about:

  • The opportunities presented by recent improvements that are enabling the commercialization of QE (These include enhanced security, the ability to run QE systems over existing fiber infrastructure, and the growing distance over which QE systems are deployable)
  • Anticipated product evolution of QE systems, related products and infrastructure (Includes innovations intended to reduce the cost of QE and the development of quantum networks, both satellite and fiber)
  • Which QE applications markets with the highest potential (Both “traditional” markets, such as defense, and new markets, such as telecommunications, are discussed)
  • The latest R&D in QE and where the research trends are headed in terms of product development.  (Corporate efforts and large government-funded projects are both covered)
  • The product/marketing strategies of leading companies developing or supplying QE products

The ten-year forecasts presented in this report are the most granular ever presented of the emerging markets for QE.  They are broken out by:

  • Type of QE/QE-related product
  • Technology type and product characteristics
  • Application and end-user industry
  • Geography and location of end users

Table of Contents

Provisional Table of Contents

Executive Summary
E.1 Summary of key opportunities in QE
E.2 Current and future finance for QE projects and start-ups
E.3 Six companies to watch
E.4 Key promotional and marketing strategies for QE products
E.5 Summary of ten-year market forecasts of QE products

Chapter One:  Introduction
1.1 Background to this report
1.2 Goal of this report
1.3 Methodology and scope of this report
1.4 Plan of this report
Chapter Two:  Technological Evolution of Commercial Quantum Encryption Technology
2.1 Recent improvements in QE security
2.2 Ability to run QE over existing infrastructure
2.3 Prospects for long-distance quantum cryptography
2.4 Impact of post-quantum cryptography
2.5 Product evolution and roadmap
2.5.1 Entangled photon generators and random number generators
2.5.2 Complete quantum encryption systems
2.5.3 Related software
2.5.4 Emerging low-cost QE technology
2.6 Quantum networks: The impact on QE
2.7 Quantum computing R&D:  Its relationship to QE
2.8 Standardization efforts for QE
2.9 Key points from this chapter
Chapter Three:  Markets for Quantum Encryption Technology
3.1 Government
3.1.1 Military
3.1.2 Intelligence services, police and domestic security
3.2 Financial institutions
3.3 Telecommunications
3.3.1 Disaster recovery
3.4 Oil and gas
3.5 Software firms
3.6 R&D facilities
3.7 Potential for small and medium sized business use of QE
3.8 Key points from this chapter

Chapter Four:  Ten-Year Forecasts of Quantum Encryption Markets
4.1 Forecasting methodology
4.2 Forecast by type of QE/QE-related product
4.3 Forecast by technology type and product characteristics
4.4 Forecast by application/end-user type
4.5 Forecast by geography/location of end users
Chapter Five:  Profiles of QE Companies and Projects
5.1 HP Labs
5.2 IBM
5.3 ID Quantique
5.4 Infineon
5.5 MagiQ Technologies, Inc.
5.6 Nano-Meta Technologies
5.6 Nokia
5.7 Nucrypt
5.8 NTT
5.7 Oki Electric
5.9 Post-Quantum
5.10 Qubitekk
5.11 QinetiQ
5.12 Quintessence Labs
5.13 Raytheon
5.14 SeQureNet SarL
5.15 Toshiba
5.16 Universal Quantum Devices
5.17 Government-funded QE projects around the world

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