CIR has been providing market analysis to the optical networking business since 1985; back in the days when optics was first being deployed in the long haul and optical Ethernet was for pushing Ethernet a few hundred more feet. Over the years, CIR has produced over two hundred reports that have tracked the cutting edge of the communications sector with a special focus on emerging technologies.

Today we bring our wealth of experience and long history to the latest wave of optical networking; networks operating up to the Terabit level, with the focus being on short-reach optical data communications. In addition, to discussions of traditional markets in the data center, we also provide coverage of optical communications opportunities in consumer electronics, as well as optics on chips and circuit boards. Our research interests include the latest MSAs, data rates, fiber types and laser technology.

Through our reports and consulting we offer insight and guidance on the market opportunities for optical subsystems and components. Our focus is on supplying our customers with the most comprehensive and detailed industry analysis available. CIR reports provide both qualitative appraisals of the latest optical technologies and quantitative analyses of their long-term revenue potential.

CIR’s forecasts offer the granularity required by today’s optical networking firms. Our analysis takes into consideration diverse factors such as network topology, data center growth, semiconductor industry trends, new directions in consumer electronics, etc. We also examine financial results, real estate statistics, technology adoption patterns and pricing trends. When a company purchases a CIR report or engages us for custom consulting solutions they receive a carefully thought-through finished product that reflects market realities and the latest strategic thinking in the industry.

CIR works with established and start-up companies; industry giants and niche players; as well as market leaders and new entrants. Companies rely on CIR reports and consulting services because the forecasts are credible, the coverage is balanced and the insights are rock-solid.

Leaders of strategic planning, marketing, sales, engineering and finance make up CIR’s user base. CIR also offers services to the financial community, addressing the needs of analysts, money managers and venture investors who seek the level of enlightened analysis for which CIR is recognized.

CIR Coverage

Components and Subsystems
  • 01. Active optical cabling (AOCs)
  • 02. Optical interconnects
  • 03. Optical engines
  • 04. Silicon photonics, optical Integration and on-chip optics
  • 05. Next-generation data com lasers
  • 06. Novel fiber technology
Networking Environments
  • 01. Optical Ethernet
  • 02. InfiniBand
  • 03. Fibre Channel and other storage networks
  • 04. Thunderbolt and USB
  • 05. HDMI and DisplayPort
  • 06. Optical data centers
  • 07. Fiber-in-the-home and workplace
  • 08. Optical backplanes

Our Team


Lawrence Gasman


Lawrence Gasman is the founder of CIR and has been tracking commercial opportunities in high-speed networking business since 1985. Over the years, he has covered both the optical networking equipment and optical components market and his recent market analysis work has focused on optical data centers, embedded optics, 5G infrastructure and quantum networking.

Gasman’s consulting work has included both major multinationals and high-tech start-ups as clients and he has also carried out due diligence work for investment banks, venture capitalists and leading management consulting firms.

He is also the author of numerous articles on the economics of technology and of four books covering telecommunications and nanotechnology.


Alan Spencer
Senior Associate Analyst


During his lengthy career as an analyst, he has written numerous reports on topics of vital interest to the telecommunications business and investment community. He has published articles in both the telecoms and IT trade press. Alan is a UK Chartered Engineer.


Missy Wade
Operations Manager


Missy Wade is the Operations Manager for CIR. She has had over 20 years of experience in the administrative, sales and medical field. Missy assists and works closely with Lawrence Gasman, founder of CIR .