Posted Mar 27, 2018

The CIR team has recently returned from the OFC trade show where much fuss was made about the opportunities for fiber optics in the 5G infrastructure and C-RAN. CIR has also just published a report on “C-RAN Deployment: Market Opportunity Analysis – 2018 and Beyond,” in which we also extol the revenue potential of the.....

Posted Mar 19, 2018

Lawrence Gasman’s presentation at OFC 2018 on 400 Gbps MSAs is available for download Click here: 400 Gbps MSAs in 2023  

Posted Feb 28, 2018

The fastest growing market for active optical cable (AOCs) in Asia is in rapidly developing countries such as Thailand and Vietnam where large data centers are being deployed for the first time. However, China stands out as not only being the largest market for AOCs in Asia, but also because it is becoming a manufacturing.....

Posted Feb 28, 2018

In April 2017, D-Wave closed its first $30 million investment in convertible notes and then received a conditional commitment from Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) for an additional $20 million. The conditions for this second $20 million have now been met and this new money will now flow to D-Wave Systems.  In addition,.....

Posted Feb 28, 2018

Research for CIR’s latest report on quantum technology, “Quantum Computing:  Applications, Software and End-User Markets,” has given us important insights into which industry sectors will be the first commercial adopters of quantum computing and why. By “commercial” we simply refer here to quantum computers deployed outside of the research and defense communities.  These two communities.....

Posted Nov 27, 2017

CIR’s latest forecasts of the quantum repeater market are shown in the Exhibit below.  The numbers come from “Quantum Networking Deployments, Components and Opportunities – 2017-2026,” a report that CIR published in October.  Based on these forecasts, CIR has concluded that in about five years, revenues generated from quantum repeaters will represent a significant and.....

Posted Nov 09, 2017

CIR's recently issued report looks at the market potential for network transmission opportunities from the advent of the quantum internet

Posted Oct 31, 2017

New CIR report examines how the various appraches to PONs will happen in China

Posted Oct 30, 2017

5G is being viewed as a technology that one day may possibly be to fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) what mobile phones were to wireline telephony. In this futuristic vision, broadband access would become all 5G wireless, with PONs relegated to the 5G infrastructure, albeit with an expanded role in backhaul.  But 5G wireless won’t be fully birthed.....

Posted Oct 30, 2017

New CIR report discusses which markets will dominate PONs demand