Co-Packaged Optics Coverage from CIR

Coverage of co-packaged optics technologies, standards, suppliers and markets from CIR. Our reports, forecasts and market briefs provide clients with actionable analysis of opportunities and future possibilities in this growing segment.

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Program Offerings

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Market Studies

Detailed Analysis of Co-Packaged Optics Market Opportunities

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Market Forecasts, Shipments, Volumes, Values

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Research Briefs

Focused Analysis and Insights on Key CPO Topics

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Ongoing Engagements to Discuss Strategic, Tactical and Operational

Co-Packaged Optics in Enterprise Data Centers

Custom Engagements

Focused Client Engagements for Maximum Impact


CPO Cover

CIR’s on-going market coverage of co-packaged optics is delivered via this program.  Subscribers receive monthly market briefs analyzing the current hot topics in CPO that are of key interest and relevant to moving the technology and its adoption forward.  This service is available as a stand-alone program or available as part of CIR’s Annual Co-Packaged Optics Subscription Program.

Focus Areas:

  • Product and technology announcements
  • Vendor activities
  • Investments
  • Applications/demand factors (AI, VR, Metaverse, Enterprise etc)
  • User activities
  • MSAs and standards
  • Materials trends

Research Director


Lawrence Gasman is the President of CIR, a technology forecasting company that he created in 1978 and which has been providing guidance and forecasts for the enterprise computing, telecommunications and optical components sectors since 1985. He has been widely quoted by industry publications for many years and has written numerous articles and four books on technology and technology policy.

Mr. Gasman has spoken at many conferences including OFC. Mr. Gasman holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Manchester and advanced degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science and the London Business School.

Thinking on Co-Packaged Optics

The Case for Near-Packaged Optics

Near-Packaged Optics (NPO) is concept that has emerged recently embodying many of the advantages of Co-packaged optics (CPO) but simpler to implement. We think that given that CPO technology is still at its earliest stages, we need a ramp up technology to get us to CPO. NPO uses a high-performance ...

The Rise of Co-Packaged Optics and the (Gradual) Decline of Pluggables

Pluggable optical modules in the way we have known them are on their way out. Co-packaged Optics is garnering a great deal of attention and while it will largely displace/replace existing concept of pluggables, this won’t happen overnight. This article provides some perspective on the transition away from pluggable optics. ...

5 Reasons Why the OIF Co-Packaged Optics Framework is Significant

While early 2021 was more dramatic in terms of new co-packaged optics (CPO) products, the past year proved to be the period in which CPO took its first baby steps towards the data communications mainstream.  Two important practical developments occurred. One, which we discuss in this article, is the OIF ...
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