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Coverage of the edge computing infrastructure, software and services markets from CIR. Our reports, forecasts and market briefs provide clients with actionable analysis of opportunities and future possibilities in this growing segment.


What Makes Routers Edge Specific Routers?

The purpose of this article is to identify the several kinds of edge routers that are now appearing ...
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Edge Computing Processors

Excerpted from CIR's upcoming report on Edge Computing Processors. Although edge computing has seen a lot of developments ...
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POET Takes Co-Packaging Beyond Communications Markets

One of main predictions of CIR’s 2020 report on co-packaged optics (CPO) is that next-generation switching chips is ...
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Opportunities in the Edge Computing Software Segment

The edge computing software segment is expected to be one of the most rapidly growing and diverse segments ...
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Broadcom, Cisco, Inphi and the Timing for Co-Packaged Optics: A CIR Research Note

In the past few months two important announcements have been made showing different ways forward for the Co-Packaged ...
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Five Companies to Watch in the Edge Computing Space

Participants in the edge computing market include tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Dell EMC, Cisco, HPE ...
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