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The Rise of Co-Packaged Optics and the (Gradual) Decline of Pluggables

Pluggable optical modules in the way we have known them are on their way out. Co-packaged Optics is garnering a great deal of attention and while it will largely displace/replace existing concept of pluggables, this won’t happen overnight. This article provides some perspective on the transition away from pluggable optics. Currently the pluggable market remains…

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5 Reasons Why the OIF Co-Packaged Optics Framework is Significant

While early 2021 was more dramatic in terms of new co-packaged optics (CPO) products, the past year proved to be the period in which CPO took its first baby steps towards the data communications mainstream.  Two important practical developments occurred. One, which we discuss in this article, is the OIF Co-Packaged Optics Framework.  The other…

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The Need for CPO in the Latency-sensitive Data Center

Evolution of CPO in 2021 and Early 2022 Co-packaged optics (CPO) has emerged as technology of considerable interest as a platform for deploying optics in large data centers. A considerable segment of data communications sees CPO as a practical way forward to deploy 800G and above interfaces.  It is recognized by just about everybody in…

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The Drivers and Timeframe for CPO Deployment

The demand for co-packaged optics (CPO) will be driven by many factors.  Today, latency-sensitive traffic such as AI and ML is getting a lot of attention.  However, this is mostly because AI and ML is new and exciting, while video is old hat.  Nonetheless, CIR believes that the video revolution is far from over and…

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