CIR Announces Upcoming Webinar on Active Optical Cabling July 16th

Join CIR on Wednesday, July 16th at 1:30 PM for a webinar on active optical cabling.  
Register here:

This webinar will introduce CIR’s latest reports:  Active Optical Cable Markets and Opportunities:  2014 to 2024

Volume I – Data Center Applications

Volume II – Personal Computing, Consumer Electronics and Digital Signage Applications

In this webinar, CIR President, Lawrence Gasman, will discuss how he sees the evolution of active optical cable (AOC) market in 2014 and beyond. Among the topics covered in this Webinar will be:

    • How new opportunities are appearing for AOCs outside of the data center in digital signage, personal computing and consumer electronics
    • Major product changes within the AOC space as 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps and high-speed IB connections become commonplace in the data center
    • How the AOC market will be impacted by the arrival of all-optical data centers
    • Impact of Chinese suppliers and other new entrants into the AOC space.
    • How macro-trends such the advent of SDN, virtualization, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and ultra-high definition TV will affect AOC demand.
    • How AOCs of the future will evolve around consumer electronics standards such as such as USB and HDMI?
  • Supply chains and branding evolve for AOCs

This Webinar will also share some of CIR’s current market forecasts for AOCs, with a discussion of how these break out by data rate, standards/MSA and length.

CIR has been providing market coverage of Active Optical Cables (AOCs) for more than six years, as this market has continued to grow and attract new entrants. CIR’s annual report on AOC market opportunities is now widely regarded as the most authoritative market forecast and technology assessment in the AOC space and is read by business development and marketing executives in cabling, component and equipment firms throughout the world.

This Webinar report is primarily focused on business strategy, analyzing the sectors of corporate networking in which AOCs are likely to find a market and identifying the main opportunities markets.

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