New CIR Report on PONS Says Market to Reach $18.1 billion (USD) by 2022

Charlottesville, Virginia:  The worldwide market for passive optical networks (PONs) will reach US $18.1 Billion in 2022, according to “Current and Future Markets for PON, the Evolution to NG-PON Technology: 2017-2026,” a new report from Communications Industry Researchers, Inc. (CIR), an optical networking industry analyst firm.  The report says that over the next decade, demand for PONs will be dominated by the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, especially China, and that there will be a transition to NG-PON2 technology.

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About the Report:

CIR believes that there will be rapid growth in the PON market brought on by growing international demand. This new “PON revolution” is enabled by powerful new PON technologies including XGS-PON and especially NG-PON2. This report identifies emerging PON-related opportunities over the coming decade.  Coverage includes:

  • XGS-PON and NG-PON and how their technical and performance advantages will create value for equipment suppliers, optical component firms, and carriers
  • The on-going potential for older types of PONs (E-PON and G-PON), with large installed bases, which will continue to buy replacement systems for years to come
  • Emerging applications that will provide new business revenues beyond fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments.  These include business loops, 5G backhaul and in-building networks.  The report also explores the potential for positioning PONs as a broadband platform in competition with 5G
  • PON deployment strategies of leading carriers worldwide and the long-term supply chains that they are establishing with suppliers.  The report explores whether the there is still room for start-ups in the PON business
  • How the latest PON technologies and installations are being designed to fit in with other “big picture” developments in telecommunications, such as clouds and SDN.
  • Realistic ten-year (volume and value) forecasts of PON equipment, fiber utilized and major components, with breakouts by country/region, type of technology, etc.  Ten-year forecasts of PON deployments in16 leading countries. In addition, the report includes markets shares by supplier for the emerging PON types.

This report will make invaluable reading for any product, marketing or business development manager actively involved in the PON space. CIR also believes this report will provide considerable guidance to the telecom investment community. Influential firms discussed in this report include Adtran, Altice Labs, AT&T, Broadcom, Calix, CallFlow, CenturyLink, China Mobile, Cisco, Corning, Cortina, Cozlink, Eoptolink, Ericsson, Finisar, FTTX, Google Fiber, Huawei, Intel, Ligent Photonics, Nokia-Alcatel-Lucent, Optelian, Optoplex, Semtech, Sumitomo Electric, Verizon, Vodafone, ZKTel and ZTE.

From the Report

  • NG-PON2 provides a great leap forward in technology with more capacity (up to 40 Gbps) and bandwidth flexibility than before possible in a PON. The market for NG-PON2 will reach $3.6 Billion in 2022, going on to reach $15.8 billion in 2026. Before NG-PON2 can fully take off, low-cost tunable transceivers must become widely available.  Until then, XGS-PON will serve as an intermediate product between G-PON and NG-PON2
  • The growing functionality of PONs will expand PON markets– PONs are not just for fiber-to-the-home anymore.  By 2022, the market for PONs used primarily for small-business services will reach $1.7 billion and for mobile backhaul, PON revenues will reach $1.2 billion
  • For the next decade, PON sales will be dominated by the APAC region, notably by China, where efforts are underway to deploy 10 Gbps PONs in major cities.  Much of the equipment for Chinese PONs will come from domestic suppliers. This will make Chinese companies more competitive in worldwide PON markets. ZTE and Huawei already have significant PON market shares outside of China.  By 2022, PON sales of PONs in the APAC region will reach $10.0 billion

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