400G Markets in Perspective: A CIR Webinar

Trials of 400G transport are being conducted worldwide by almost every important router and WDM box vendor. Meanwhile, OTN is being adapted for 400G by the ITU-T and the IEEE is taking its first steps towards a 400 GigE standard.

With all this going on, CIR believes that 400G will be the next big revenue generator in the optical networking space. CIR has recently published two new reports on 400G; one on the commercial prospects for 400 GigE and the other on emerging 400G transport markets.

In this Webinar, CIR will present its findings from the reports. We will examine how chipmakers and optical component firms are formulating their products strategies in a networking environment in which not only have core data rates quadrupled but in which modulation formats are changing radically and once-marginal technologies, such as Raman amplification and coherent communications, are becoming the norm. We will also look at how equipment vendors are responding to the 400 G opportunity through their traditional WDM, optical packet and IP boxes and the role that proprietary ASICs will play in their strategies.

The Webinar will also review the implications of the 20 or so 400 G transport trials that have been conducted in the past years and examine the real drivers behind the 400 G “revolution.”

Presenter: Your presenter will be Lawrence Gasman, the President and Founder of CIR. Lawrence has been providing analysis of the optical networking space since 1985 and has written three books and numerous articles on both telecom technology and policy.

Any questions regarding this webinar please contact rick@cir-inc.com.

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