Executive Summary Active Optical Cabling Markets: 2013 and Beyond

The goal of this report is to show how the AOC market will be able to achieve such successes and the economic and technological trends that are making it possible. The report is primarily focused on business strategy, analyzing each of the sectors in which AOCs are likely to find a market and identifying the main addressable markets. This report also takes a look at important marketing issues faced by AOC, such as the importance of branding.

The extensive supplier profiles in this report discuss the products that these firms are (or will soon) offer and include in-depth analysis of the strategies being deployed by major AOC firms including some of newer firms that have entered the market.

The eight-year forecasts in this report are based on an analysis of the growing need for AOCs in the data center/HPC, digital signage, PC interconnect and home theater markets. These forecasts take into consideration todays major drivers for fiber optic deployment such as 3-D television, cloud computing, big data and the inevitable rise in processor speeds.

The forecasts are presented in both dollar terms and in terms of the number of cables and length of cable shipped. We also discuss which protocols will become dominant in the AOC space over the next few years, determining especially how AOCs will fit in with the rise of 40/100 GigE, HDMI, DisplayPort and the latest generation of USB.

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