CIR reports provide insight into the emerging opportunities in short-reach optical communications. Covering products, pricing, standards, new technologies and more, our reports are intended as an essential guide to input into marketing and business strategies.

PUBLISHED Nov 13, 2019
Report #

Inquire about planned Q1 2020 update In this latest report, CIR provides Active Optical Cables Market Forecasts in the new world of hyperscale data centers, 200/400G transmission and embedded optics. CIR has been providing coverage of the active optical cable (AOC) market longer than any other established industry analysis firm and has issued analysis and.....

PUBLISHED Jan 16, 2019
Report # CIR-5GI-0119

Since CIR published its first report on optical networking in the 5G infrastructure market in 2017, a lot has happened in the 5G world.? In particular, expectations for subscriber numbers have grown, leading CIR?s more bullish expectation for PON, WDM, Carrier Ethernet, space division multiplexing and optical cable in 5G-focused backhaul and fronthaul nets. The.....

PUBLISHED Jan 15, 2018
Report # CIR-ONO-CRAN-1217

This report explores the commercial potential of C-RAN (Cloud or Centralized Radio Access Network), the principal emerging architecture for distributed radio access networks (RANs) used in mobile phone networks.? CIR believes that C-RANs will become essential for 5G mobile networks where they will contribute to both cost reduction and performance improvement.? Not only is the.....

PUBLISHED Jan 08, 2018
Report # CIR-ONO-AOCS-0118

Inquire on next release of this report CIR has been publishing a report on the latest opportunities in the Active Optical Cabling (AOC) space for almost a decade.? In our 2018 AOC report CIR projects the future of the AOC market, focusing on how AOCs are adapting to current technical and market trends.? The report.....