Post Quantum Cryptography

Post-Quantum Cryptography 2023: Market Opportunities After NIST

This is the latest report on business opportunities in post-quantum cryptography (PQC). The day when commonly used encryption schemes will be breakable by quantum computers is drawing closer. It may be just three-to-five years away if some of the vendor roadmaps are to be believed.  IQT also believes that NIST’s […]

co-packaged optics market analysis

Markets for Co-Packaged Optics 2023-2028

The primary goals of this report are to update CIR’s forecasts of the CPO space with breakouts by application, speed and network segment and provide an update on CPO strategy from the key influencers in the market

coherent transceivers market

The Coherent Transceivers Market: 2023-2029

In the past few years, the coherent transceivers market has evolved from long-haul and regional networks into data centers and access networks.  There is now even talk about coherent PONs, a concept inconceivable a few years back. Work continues towards the specifications that will take coherent communications to the Terabit […]

Quantum Random Number Generators: Market and Technology Assessment 2023-2032

QRNG is the first true source of random numbers, as all other methods currently in place rely on classical (deterministic) physics. During 2021 and 2022, the QRNG market has been undergoing significant shifts, both in terms of product design and in terms of market value. The QRNG market has its […]

next-generation transceivers

Next Generation Transceivers Markets: 2022-2028

This report identifies the opportunities for next-generation transceivers in data communications and telecommunications.

next-generation transceivers

Active Optical Cables Market Forecasts: 2022-2031

This report provides CIR’s updated analysis and market forecasts of Active Optical Cables through 2030. 

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