co-packaged optics market analysis

Markets for Co-Packaged Optics 2022-2030

In 2020 CIR became the first analysis firm to release a co-packaged optics (CPO) market report that surveyed the opportunities flowing from the development and deployment of co-packaged optics .  In this new co-packaged optics market report, we bring the story up to date and focus on advances for CPO in the data center.

Edge Computing Processors

Edge Processor Markets:  2020-2025

This report identifies the opportunities for edge processors and related chips and to analyze the impact of edge computing on the chip industry

Edge Computing Processors

Edge Router & Gateway Markets 2020-2025

This report identifies the opportunities for edge routers and gateways and quantifies theses opportunities in terms of both revenues and volume shipments from 2021 to 2025

Edge Computing Infrastructure Market

The Edge Computing Infrastructure Market: A Technology and Market Forecast 2020 – 2024

The goal of CIR’s Edge Computing Infrastructure Market report is to forecast where the revenues and volume shipments will be generated from edge computing over the next five years. The report also forecasts revenues for services associated with edge computing including edge computing functionality delivered as a service.

co-packaged optics markets

Co-Packaged Optics Markets 2021-2025

This report provides CIR’s assessment  and five-year forecast of the new revenue opportunities created by co-packaged optics with special focus on transceivers for data centers for 400G, 800G and Terabit connectivity

Near-Packaged Optics

Beyond 400G: The Prospects for 800G, Terabit Pluggables, On-Board Optics, and Co-Packaged Optics

This report assesses the market potential of optical networking operating at 800G and above. The report is especially focused on technologies coming out of the efforts to build high-speed interfaces based on pluggable optics, on-board optics and co-packaged optics. CIR compared the approaches, discuss their viability and construct roadmaps for each technology.

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