Active Optical Cables: Market Forecasts ? 2019 to 2029

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Published Nov 13, 2019
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In this latest report, CIR provides Active Optical Cables Market Forecasts in the new world of hyperscale data centers, 200/400G transmission and embedded optics. CIR has been providing coverage of the active optical cable (AOC) market longer than any other established industry analysis firm and has issued analysis and market forecasts dating back over ten years.? This report also examines whether AOCs can find any permanent and substantial markets beyond the data center ? for example in high-performance computing, the military and telecommunications. We also discuss whether video/consumer AOCs ? can ever grow beyond niche status.

At the core of this report are our rolling ten-year forecasts, presented in both volume and value terms, with breakouts by type of AOC (single-channel, breakout AOCs), speeds, MSAs, type of fiber, cable length, etc.  The report begins with an analysis of the current product and technology associated with AOCs, and then to the role of AOCs in data centers and elsewhere. This report also provides a chapter on supply chain and marketing considerations in the AOC space.

Chapter One: Background to this Report
1.1 Differences from the previous CIR report on AOCs
1.2 Objective ?and scope of this report ?

Chapter Two:?Technology, Products and Speeds 2.1 Squeezing money out of declining markets
2.1.1 10Gbps AOCs
2.1.2? 40 Gbps AOCs: Anything left of this market?
2.2 The role of AOCs in the great 100 Gbps surge
2.3? 200/400 Gbps and AOCs
2.3.1 Which 400 Gbps MSAs will be adopted for AOCs
2.4 Do AOCs have a role to play in 25/50 Gbps networking?
2.5 AOC product types
2.5.1 Single-channel AOCs vs. multi-channel AOCs
2.5.2 Breakout AOCs
2.6 Impact of competitive technologies
2.6.1 Transceivers and structured cabling
2.6.2 Will embedded/co-packaged optics hurt the AOC market?
2.7 Power consumption and reliability as competitive factors
2.8 Key points from Chapter Two

Chapter Three: Current and Emerging Applicationds for AOCs 3.1 Data centers
3.1.1 Direct connection of switches
3.1.2 Intra- and inter-rack connectivity: Need for breakout AOCs
3.1.3 AOCs as part of a solution for longer-haul connectivity between switches
3.2 High-performance computing (HPC) centers
3.3 Video connectivity
3.4 Military applications
3.5 Key points from Chapter Three

Chapter Four: Supply Chain and Marketing Considerations for AOCs

4.1 Chinese dominance of manufacturing AOCs
4.2 Marketing of AOCs through datacom OEMs
4.3 The third-party route for AOCs
4.4 Consumer retail channels for AOCs
4.5 Pricing and branding factors in the AOC market
4.6 International differences in AOC supply chains
4.7 Key points from Chapter Four

Chapter Five:? Ten-Year Forecast of AOCs Markets
5.1 Forecast of interconnect requirements in which AOCs will be used by application and network location
5.2 AOCs by application and network location
5.3 AOCs by application, speed and MSA
5.4 AOCs by application and type of AOC product
5.5 AOCs by cable length and type of fiber
5.6 AOC forecast by geography

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