Co-Packaged Optics in Hyperscale Data Centers 2022-2030

In 2020 CIR became the first analysis firm to release a co-packaged optics (CPO) market report that surveyed the opportunities flowing from the development and deployment of co-packaged optics .  In this new co-packaged optics market report, we bring the story up to date and focus on advances for CPO in the data center.  In the first main chapter we focus on the role of the standards and IAs, especially the latest version of the OIF’s CPO Framework.  In our view the work recently presented by the OIF will lead to new product directions for laser, transceiver, and switch modules, as well as connectors.

While in the past, the drive towards high speeds in the data center has been caused by the growing ubiquity, the data networking now believes that in the future even higher latency traffic, especially AI and machine language (ML) traffic will predominate.  These and other newer kinds of traffic are now being cited as what is motivating CPO R&D.  The final chapter of this report predicts how large data centers will be rearchitected with CPO to meet current demands.  This chapter also includes multi-year forecasts in revenue and volume terms of CPO products for the data center.

Along the way this report discusses such matters as how well CPO will compete with the new breed of 800G pluggables and how far it will be able to penetrate the data center market.  In addition, the report looks at how the CPO industry sector is evolving, which companies are rising to prominence and how the optical components supply chain is coping with the new challenge of an integrated optoelectronic product.


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