Co-Packaged Optics Markets 2021-2025

Co-packaged optics markets are is an increasingly attracting technology supporting high-speed optical networks, high-performance computing and storage applications by bringing photonics devices and electronic switching together in a single package to reduce power consumption and thermal effects, while at the same time reducing footprints.

This report provides CIR’s assessment  and five-year forecast of the new revenue opportunities created by co-packaged optics with special focus on transceivers for data centers for 400G, 800G and Terabit connectivity.  The report also provides coverage of critical components in the co-packaged optics including novel light sources, substrate materials, etc.  We also discuss the various options for fitting the latest ASICs and transceivers into a single package.

The report also contains a review of the organizations that are shaping the co-packaged optics sector including the Co-Packaged Collaboration, OIF and EPIC

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