Edge Processor Markets:  2020-2025

The objective of this CIR’s report is to identify the opportunities for edge processors and related chips and to analyze the impact of edge computing on the chip industry.  Included in this analysis are strategic profiles of leading vendors and other influencers in the edge processor.  Among the companies profiled are Apple, Dell, Google, Huawei, Intel, Kontron, Microchip Technology, Micron, NVIDIA, Samsung and others.  The report also forecasts revenues from chip sales to the edge computing sector from 2021 to 2025.

This report also discusses the key markets for edge processors as an enabler for edge data centers and their role inside edge servers, routers and gateways.  It also examines the special features that are required to support latency sensitive applications including autonomous vehicles, the Internet-of-Things and robotics.  We also include an account on how edge processors will deal with security issues in a number of different applications.

This report is one of six market studies that CIR is producing in the edge computing space.  The other volumes in this series cover edge servers, edge computing software, edge network security, edge computing services and edge chips/processors.




Chapter One: Edge Computing Impact on the Chip Industry
1.1 Background to this report
1.2 Scope and methodology of this report
1.3 Evolution of edge computing: The latency crisis replaces the bandwidth process
1.4 Requirements for edge processors
1.5 Plan of this report

Chapter Two: Edge Computing Processors
2.1 Types of edge computing processors
2.2 Embedding edge computing chips
2.3 Edge computing processors and 5G chips
2.4 Edge computing processors and AI
2.5Transceivers for Edge Computing
2.6 Key points from this chapter

Chapter Three: Markets for Edge Processors
3.1 Servers, routers and gateways: Edge data centers
3.2 Autonomous vehicles and edge processors
3.3 IoT, IIoT and edge processors: Edge chips and sensor chips
3.4 Robotics
3.5 Edge processors for video applications
3.6 Edge processors and the service providers
3.7 Edge processors and security
3.8 Five-year forecasts for edge processors
3.9 Key points from this chapter

Chapter Four: Response to Edge Processors by Leading Semiconductor Firms and OEMs
4.1 Apple
4.2 Dell
4.3 Google/Samsung
4.4 Huawei
4.5 Intel
4.6 Kontron
4.7 Microchip Technology
4.8 Micron
4.10 Others

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