Edge Router & Gateway Markets 2020-2025

The goal of CIR’s report is to identify the opportunities for edge routers and gateways and to quantify theses opportunities in terms of both revenues and volume shipments from 2021 to 2025. The report also discusses how the edge router and gateway market is distributed geographically. This report discusses how new applications are driving the need for edge routers and gateways.  Market drivers discussed are Internet-of-Things, factory networks, autonomous vehicles, networked kiosks and AI.  This report also contains strategic profiles of leading vendors and startups active in edge computing space.  Among the companies profiled are Advantech, Cisco, Dell, HPE/DXC, InHand, Moxa, Juniper, Microsoft, Nokia and Ubiquiti.

This report is one of six market studies that CIR is producing in the edge computing space.  The other volumes in this series cover edge servers, edge computing software, edge network security, edge computing services and edge chips/processors.

Chapter One: About Edge Computing and the CIR Edge Computing Reports
1.1 The Road to Edge Computing
1.2 Edge Computing as a Latency Avoidance Strategy
1.3 CIR Edge Computing Opportunity Assessments
1.4 Opportunities for Edge Routers and Gateways by Geography
1.4.1 The U.S. as an Edge Computing Market: Highest Potential for Edge Server/Gateway Sales
1.4.2 Infrastructure and Edge Computing Developments in Europe
1.4.3 The Potential for Edge Computing in China

Chapter Two: Edge Routers: Product Evolution
2.1 Ten-Year Market Forecast of Edge Routers
2.2 Of Routers and Edge Routers
2.2.1 Distinctions Between Edge Routers and Core Routers
2.3 Branded Edge Routers: Types and Functionality
2.3.1 Types of Edge Routers
2.3.2 Security for Edge Routers
2.4 White Box Routers

Chapter Three: Edge Gateways: Function and Evolution
3.1 Ten-Year Market Forecast of Edge Gateways
3.2 Edge Gateway Functionality
3.3 Types of Edge Gateways
3.3.1 IoT Gateways
3.3.2 Factory Gateways
3.3.3 Other Gateways

Chapter Four: Markets and Demand Drivers for Edge Routers and Gateways
4.1 Edge Routers and Gateways in the Edge Computer Architecture
4.2 Videoconferencing and Online Events: A New Market for Edge Equipment?
4.3 IoT’s Impact on Edge Computing: Potential for Edge Routers and Gateways in the Industrial IoT
4.4 Autonomous Vehicles and Edge Networking
4.5 Edge Routing and AI
4.6 5G’s Impact on Edge Computing

Chapter Five: Leading Suppliers of Edge Routers and Gateways
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Advantech (Taiwan)
5.3 Cisco (United States)
5.4 Dell (United States)
5.5 HPE/DXC (United States)
5.6 InHand Networks (United States)
5.7 Juniper Networks (United States)
5.8 Microsoft Azure
5.9 Moxa (Taiwan)
5.10 Nokia (Finland)
5.11 Ubiquiti (United States)
About the Author
Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in this Report

List of Exhibits
Exhibit 1-1: Required Latencies by Type of Traffic
Exhibit 1-2: Edge Computing Hardware, Software and Services
Exhibit 2-1: Worldwide Edge Router Markets
Exhibit 3-1: Worldwide Edge Gateway Markets
Exhibit 3-2: Applications for Edge Networks
Exhibit 4-1: Evolution of Edge Computing
Exhibit 5-1: Selected Edge Router and Gateway Firms

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