Optical Networking Opportunities in the 5G Infrastructure Market: 2019 to 2028

Since CIR published its first report on optical networking in the 5G infrastructure market in 2017, a lot has happened in the 5G world.  In particular, expectations for subscriber numbers have grown, leading CIR’s more bullish expectation for PON, WDM, Carrier Ethernet, space division multiplexing and optical cable in 5G-focused backhaul and fronthaul nets.

The report includes profiles of 17 mobile operators with advanced 5G strategies, showing how these carriers are planning to deploy optical networks and who their suppliers of hardware and cable will be.  It also includes analyses of the leading optical equipment and optical cable suppliers for the 5G infrastructure.  There are also detailed 10-year forecasts in volume (ports) and value ($ Millions) terms of both optical equipment and cable with breakouts by type of technology, fronthaul vs. backhaul deployment, and geography.

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