CIR offers customized consulting that provides clients with analysis and forecasts that go well beyond what is available in our published reports.? The final consulting deliverable ? in the form of a report, presentation or telephone consultation ?offers more focus and customization than is possible with an off-the-shelf report.? Some of the areas in which CIR has carried out are the following.

Granular forecasting:? CIR has created many market forecasts for customers who need projections for their specific products.? Projects of this kind typically utilize CIR?s proprietary forecasting models that provide forecasting in both volume and revenue terms for optical networking components and subsystems.? Our models are based on our 30 years of dialog with the optical networking community which has resulted in CIR having a deep understanding of how optical markets evolve and grow.? This enables CIR to give clients a measured assessment of the revenue and shipment prospects for their products.

Competitive analysis: Our company provides customized competitor analysis for clients to allow them to better assess the state of competition worldwide.

To carry out our work in the competitive analysis of optical networking companies we make use of the most up-to-date published sources, financials, IP database analysis and customer interviews to enable clients understand how competitors? product/market strategies impinge on our client?s business and what opportunities and challenges these strategies present.

Technology appraisal and scouting:? The CIR team helps clients identify the latest optical technologies and materials through our ongoing studies of the work at leading universities and research institutes around the world.

Our extensive experience of the patterns of technology development enables us to provide detailed roadmaps for new optical technologies, showing the timeframes for the evolution of the latest advancements in optical components and subsystems. We also provide revenue scenarios for these technologies and insight into which startups we expect to be commercially successful in these new areas, as well as an assessment of the challenges that the latest optical technologies need to overcome.

New product introduction: In addition to providing market forecasts to clients, CIR also assists clients launch new products. Through targeted end-user interviews to help better understand what features, performance, functions, bells and whistles impress OEMs, data center managers, etc.? CIR has an extensive panel of optical insiders that provide us with feedback on what their requirements are for optical networking products and services. And we also carry out comparative studies of marketing and design strategies that are being used in the optical networking business.

M&A, due diligence and support for investor presentations:? CIR has extensive experience of helping clients make acquisitions or present to investors for maximum effect. In our due diligence work we evaluate technology, IP position, and likely growth rates of new businesses. We assist firms with their internal due diligence through an analysis of a targeted acquisition, helping a potential acquirer better understand the potential acquisition?s strengths and weaknesses in terms of technology and market position. And we develop cash flow projections from which valuations are built.

For our clients seeking to impress investors, we assist through building convincing presentations and business plans that include our assessments and forecasts of markets, as well as messaging that is focused on the issues that concern venture capitalists and other investors.