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CIR has been providing market analysis to the optical networking business since 1985; back in the days when optics was first being deployed in the long haul and optical Ethernet was for pushing Ethernet a few hundred more feet. Over the years, CIR has produced over two hundred reports that have tracked the cutting edge of the communications sector with a special focus on emerging technologies.

Today we bring our wealth of experience and long history to the latest wave of optical networking; networks operating up to the Terabit level, with the focus being on short-reach optical data communications.

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Feb 11 2019

CIR Issues New Report on 5G Optical Networking and Cabling Infrastructure Buildout

CIR Issues New Report on 5G Optical Networking and Cabling Infrastructure Buildout February 11, 2019Crozet, Virginia:  Industry analyst firm CIR has just issued a new report on the 5G fiber optics infrastructure market. In the report the firm projects a robust market for optical networking and cabling in the coming years as carriers deploy the infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of the growing 5G wireless business. CIR sees global expenditures on 5G fronthaul and backhaul equipment will peak at $4.1 billion dollars in 2021. Optical cabling expenditures will exceed $5 billion annually with some years having spending amounts substantially higher during the 5G infrastructure build out.The report titled “Optical Networking Opportunities in the 5G Infrastructure Market: 2019 To 2028,” is available for sale on the firm’s ...


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