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CIR has been providing market analysis to the optical networking business since 1985; back in the days when optics was first being deployed in the long haul and optical Ethernet was for pushing Ethernet a few hundred more feet. Over the years, CIR has produced over two hundred reports that have tracked the cutting edge of the communications sector with a special focus on emerging technologies.

Today we bring our wealth of experience and long history to the latest wave of optical networking; networks operating up to the Terabit level, with the focus being on short-reach optical data communications.

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Jan 31 2018

Quantum Computer Market to Reach US$1.9 billion by 2023, says New CIR Report

Charlottesville, Virginia: In its just-released report, “Quantum Computing: Applications, Software and End-User Markets: 2018-2027,” Communications Industry Researchers (CIR) pegs revenues from quantum computing at US$1.9 billion in 2023, increasing to US$8.0 billion by 2027.This report focuses on opportunities from quantum computing software and cloud services as well as the computers themselves.  Applications/end user communities analyzed include Web search, materials/drug design, financial services, general business planning, healthcare, transportation and the energy industry.  This is in addition to coverage of “traditional” markets for quantum computing in aerospace, defense and R&D.In 2017, CIR published two reports on markets for quantum encryption and quantum networking. It now offers full coverage of quantum technology markets in a program that will include reports, market analysis, forecasting and due diligence appraisal of ...


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